Thursday, August 30, 2007

7 deadly sins / 7 Virtues

I am damned?

I think I have been guilty of them all this week.


I a single guy I cant help looking ;)


Yeah eating on the company expense account at the start of the week, well not just the start of the week I have been hungry a lot this week.


I want to be rich trust me having no money isn't much fun.


I haven't published a blog in ages mainly because I have been busy but also because I have been very lazy. I have hardly even made it to the gym either.


I was SO angry with one of my colleagues I could easy have laid down my wraith,
in fact I contemplated many forms of revenge but in the end was too busy / lazy / cowardly or perhaps sensible to put them into action.


I was incredibly jealous of Lulu blog, she made her first post for months and immediately received more comments on it than mine had din its entire life. Mind you her next post was to thank me for fixing her shuffle so that made me smile.


I was ashamed to tell someone I still lied with my parents, always trying to keep up the good image.

or can I be redeemed?


Being single its easy to be chaste


Hmm haven't done too well on this score I have eaten way too much this week.


I do enjoy that beer goodness, so I guess I fall flat on my face with this one.


Thanks to careful planning and execution my installation went like a dream score one for goodness :)


I have had moment of patients but overall I am a pretty impatient person :(


I have given to charity and even helped out a few people


I think Im a pretty humble self deprecating guy most of the time.

So thats sins 7 Virtues 3 oh dear I am in trouble going to have to mend my ways I think!

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