Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007!

Bet lots of blogs have the above title ;-)

Starting 2007 as I mean to go on I managed to go jogging before lunch, unfortunately for me the weather took a turn for the worse completely soaking me to the skin and making for a very unpleasant final mile. After last night though I am going to have to do a lot of jogging and try very hard to keep to my New Years resolutions.

New Years Eve

First things first view the pictures hereI got invited round for a meal round at Nick's house, Becky being the chief for the evening. I must say I was slightly worried when Nick told me she was the one cooking, I need not have though. The beef and vegetables was delightful, we all enjoyed it greatly. Ian, Phil, Nikkie and her friend James were also invited to the feast. Someone had set the table out wonderfully. Quiet the little dinner party in fact!

After eating, and boy did we eat cheese, beef, roast potatoes and cake I was stuffed. However there was scant time to rest as a metro cab whisked us off to Wilmslow to continue the partying. As there were seven of us we needed two metro cabs I think we drew the short strew as the driver neither knew the way or n fact seemed to know how to drive properly. Fortunately for us it is only a short journey and we managed to arrive in one piece.
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Inside the Finney things started getting hazy, my blood alcohol level was rising rapidly. There was lots of chatting, photos taken, jokes told and women ogled. Though I never did manage to pull the beautiful girl in the polka-dot dress though :-(
I think everyone had a good evening I know I enjoyed myself I even had a little bit of a dance (after drinking sambuka and vokda ;-) Hopefully 2007 will be a good year.


  • No beer for January, made this one with Phil whilst in Barcelona should held with my second resolution.
  • Reduce beer belly, I am 86 Kilos I think if I could get down to 80kg I would have a lot less of a pronounced beer belly so my aim is to be 80kg by next Xmas
  • Stop social smoking recently the urge has over come me on several occasions it must stop.