Sunday, July 15, 2012


Yesterday was a write off, I felt so exhausted that I spent the day on the couch. Many months of longs weeks at work getting systems ready for the new platform have taken their toll on my body. Long days shut up at the office in close proximity to the vending machine have not been kind to me. I have been trying to get back into a fitness regime, however I ma very much out of shape. A 6km jog used to take me about 40 minutes now its more like an hour, hopefully I can build back up to that.

Fortunately next week Kath and I are off on our summer holiday to Portugal. I can't wait we have nearly a week there arriving back in time to head to Jo and Holly's wedding.

I just watched a classic album show about the Nirvana album Nevermind. Hard to believe that it is more than twenty years since it release.

I have been putting off the cleaning, watching television and playing Wii games instead.I better snap too it before the day gets away from me. Hoping to catch up with Phil later and find out how his house purchase is coming along.