Friday, February 17, 2006

Office Space

Today we moved offices, which was a little bit traumatic especially as I have been so busy trying to fix some last minute bugs before Sundays go live. The good thing is I now have a seat next to the window which is much nicer than being sat in the middle of the office.

Ive just spent another Friday night say behind my computer sorting out things for the ejected brass lan, the server seems to be running well now, I hope it alls goes well tomorrow it promises to be a busy lan if nothing else a lot of people have said they are coming if they all turn up we could be pushed for space.

Talking of space I had a look on Pauls myspace before lots of positive things about his music and his life, I am pleased things are working out. I would really like to meet this Pippa girl I hear so much about, and here the new band. I guess he is a little t busy at the moment though. I think I need some goal and blue sky thought I am falling into the mundane drudgery of the 9-5.30 world and it sucks.

Only one more week until payday, man this month has been a long one, lots of bills like my car insurance and gym membership at least I managed to get that at corporate rate. I should on paper have loads of spare cash but in reality i never seem to have any.

I had an argument with my dad before he really frustrates and annoys me coming in showing off yet another design of his document to my friends, how many pints of view does he need he spends so much time and effort procrastinating if he spent half as much time doing anything he might actually achieve something I really want to get away from my parents they just talk and talk but it never seems to go anywhere there is always another excuse another good reason. Sometimes I feel myself falling into their routine but its not what I want. I might not be as clever but I want fall into the malaise of inaction.