Monday, October 05, 2009

Spotify Pushes Ad Sponsored Playlist

I opened spotify this morning to find I had a new playlist,  to Ladyhawke - music inspired art. Now I understand spotify is ad supported but and while I have nothign against the ads between the songs I do find this rather annoying. I do create my own playlists, I don't really appriciate having some ad sponsored list forced upon me.

Adaptive Predictive Dialler

For anyone who has spent time trying to get their stored procedure working with an Adaptive Predictive dialler and seen the error "IDispatch error #3105 80040e21 ODBC driver does not support the requested protocol", check the execute permissions on the stored procedure. By default database users on SQL 2005 do not have execute permissions.

Execute permissions are added either using GRANT or via the management console, drill into the database, expand programability, then expand stored procedures, right click your procedure select properties. Choose permissions, add type the name of hte database user then check the grant column for permission execute.