Sunday, September 12, 2010

We used to wait

Turned the tables yesterday, rather than my dad help me decorate my house, I went to paint my old room. He wants to turn it into a office for himself.
Last week I was up on the roof painting on roof sealent. It is a fetching silver colour now and hopefully should keep the rain out for a few more years.
Given the amount of help my parents have given my renovating my house I owe them a lot of help. Was slightly odd painting my old room erasing the memory of me living there, but what could I expect? That they kept it as a shrine to me, no!
So my dad and I painted, Storm came to help but manage only to get paint on himself then wander round the house leaving white dog prints. Fortunately I noticed quickly and was able to clean them up.
We went on a visit to Ikea in the afternoon. I wanted my dad to think about the furniture.

As a treat for helping my parents invited me to a roast beef dinner. It was so tasty, the beef joint was succulent and flavored, and my mums gravy, yum!

Afterward I headed round to Bruce's. We watched kick Ass which I thought was an awesome and very knowing take on the superhero genre. There were so many nods to other films, like the Matirx and Kill Bill if was a real film geeks film, so I loved it!