Sunday, April 22, 2007

Vhcs sucks

Spent the day playing with servers. For a long time I have wanted to move the websites I host to being more of a professional service. On the new server I installed vhcs. It was supposed to make it easier for users to control their sites but in fact its just been a royal pain in the arse from day one. Bruce (see his take here) and I struggled first to get it working at all then with each of the services offered. I finally gave up after finding a major and unfixed security hole advertised on their own forum. Complete with links to a page which automates the hack!

We spent the rest of the evening eating curry and moving to isp control. Its basically a web panel like vhcs but it looks a bit more secure and well maintained. We did finally manage to make a backup of the main webserver though which is a major goal it hasnt been done for months thanks to our lack of access and technical hitchs (like one time we went down to the colocation centre and couldnt get in as the key to the rack was missing.