Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Diamond Hoo Ha Man

Back to work today, you would think after 4 days off I would be feeling refreshed but in fact quiet the opposite I felt sluggish. I managed just about to fix a several bugs and make inroads into some new data changes we needed though.
I was going to go to the gym after work but when Dad picked me up (I still don't have my car back, tomorrow always tomorrow) I chickened out. Which was a real shame as Kasia told me I have put on weight, very depressing. I suppose I have had a lot of meals out and not enough exercise recently. Two Indian meals over Easter was extreme overkill but being invited out by two separate sets of friend both of which I want catch up with and I do love Indian food. I love meeting up with friends too even though I mostly get drunk I love meeting people hearing their stories.
I received my Japan rail pass in the post this morning, it pretty exciting all I have to to now is get my travel money and pack. The only slightly unfortunate thing about that is that the exchange rate is currently terrible. The pound might be strong against the US Dollar but against the Euro and Yen its running at a huge discount. Oh well its very difficult to predict these trends, I am really excited about the trip I cant wait to go wondering around Tokyo taking in the sights.

Scary World Theory

Call me a glutton, but somehow I ended up getting talked into going out for another Indian meal last night. Endo arranged for himself, Jo, Martin, Charlotte, Adam, Steph, Phil and I to have a meal at La Quila Handforth.
Martin was on good form telling us all about the Delorean (he even took me for a ride in it, it sounds great!).
After the meal we headed for a few drinks at the Bulls Head, pictures here We were getting merry and talking about the time Martin accidentally threw a milkshake over his car. To celebrate this fact Phil poured wax onto Endo's leg.
After closing time we went back to Martins house. He didn't really invite us, I think partly because He still hasn't finished his living room. I guess he had other things to spend his money and time on...
I was very drunk and probably chatted incoherently a lot. I woke up this morning feeling like death, spent most of the day feeling sorry for myself. I went to watch a film this evening, we watched the Bank Job. Based on the real events the film focuses on a robbery of a London bank to recover incriminating photographs of a royal, I quiet enjoyed it.