Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Solar Installation Day 3

Today the installer, Karl arrived. He went onto the roof and installed the mounting rails for the panels.

Karl was an interesting chap to talk to as he had been working with P.V. for many years, being involved in some huge projects, the week prior he had been doing a 50KW commercial installation on a farm. Year ago he worked on the first active solar (where the panels track the sun) installation in the UK.

The inverter and wiring went in, including the new generation meter. All the energy generated by the solar panels is metered. then flows into the standard consumer unit. Solar generated energy is use first saving you money as using the power generated means not buying units from the gird.
My power company doesn't measure power exported to the grid, instead they make an assumption that 50% of the generated units are exported back to the grid.

Roof mountings (and no chimney!)