Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Yesterday was Christmas Eve but unfortunately having no holiday left I worked, in a nearly empty office. I was slightly surreal but at least I managed to get a piece of work done in peace. 
Last night was Christmas Eve so I met up with the with everyone for some drinks. I grabbed a lift to Revolution with Nick and Jono, and he wasn't staying though just acting as chauffeur.
+Paul Aiden Craddock, +Ian Brook , +matt wooller  and Dan were already in there having left early to get a table.

It was still fairly early when we arrived and the place was pretty empty. Fortunately as we arrived so did a hoard of other people. Including on the table next to us a table full of girls dressed as the nutcracker sweet, apparently it was the only costume available for seven people.

Everyone was in good spirits. Woller was in a good mood he was telling me about his Yoga. Paul about his ongoing music work. Its probably the most I have spoken to Woller in ages. Danny was he usual boisterous self. Ian and Dan are were on the hunt for

+Philip Hadfield +caroline kedian and +Bruce Tonge turned up a little later. Phil was subdued, though Caroline made the best of it considering it was nearly all guys.

Revolution got increasingly busy, oddly I noticed Monkey boy Roberts sat with a group in the corner. I was going to go over and say hello right until one of them pushed in front of my at the bar. Annoyingly I think its someone else I went to school with, though he was a lot less pushy back then. I don't think any of them recognised me so I decided it might not be the best plan to sidle up and say hello.

It looks like Nick and Becky are back to being an item, she gave he and I a lift home in her Range Rover evoke, very nice wheels.  We left fairly early, leaving Dan, Paul, Wooler and Ian behind I hear that Paul and Dan managed to come to blows! Fortunately turned out to be a spur of the moment thing all forgotten in the morning.