Thursday, May 19, 2011

On Saturday Kath arrived in the UK early at 6.30am. So getting up early I headed to Liverpool airport to pick her up. We came back to my house stopping nearby for a spoiling Peter Herd Breakfast. They were impressed that we arrived directly from the airport.

We went round to see my parents, and storm doggy. Their house is covered in scaffolding at the moment while Paul a colleague of Nick's fixes some holes in the roof and re-points the chimney.

I made dinner for us both, tuna steak with home made lemon garlic chilli  and soy sauce, baked potato, and salad. With a couple of bottles of wine and a rented film. We watched Another Year, a British film following the lives of several characters through four seasons. I found it very well acted but slightly depressing.

It is always nice to sit cuddled up to Kath.