Monday, August 28, 2006

Long Weekend

This morning I was in London hung over wondering how much a fool of myself I made last night. Now I am back in my own home enjoying a cold beer I feel much better. It has been a strange weekend, after a rather harsh day at work on Friday (harsh week to be honest but that's another story) I headed out on the M6 south. Through torrential rain hard enough that I could barely see the road, two sets of 50 mph speed limits (I should have taken the toll road and did on the way back). I arrived at Paul's about 10 and we went out for a few drinks at the star and garter. The conversation was mainly focussed on catching up with our various goings on I complement Paul on his new song Its Over Now he told me about Ian, Dan and his life. I told him what was going on with me we had a few drinks, Pippa stayed at the flat. I thought it was really nice gesture letting us catch up with each others goings on.

On Saturday my first job was to help Paul sort his lights out; At some point there had been a wasp nest in his attic, some of the wasps got trapped in the light fittings (those flush fitted spots) so that when you pull out a bulb to put in a new light several dead carbonized wasp bodies fallout. Paul being a wuss he has let virtually all of the bulbs in the flat died before doing anything about it. I don't like wasps very much but when they are dead its ok so I pulled all the bulbs out and vacuumed out the bodies. This done we went out on a mission to buy some new bulbs. Whilst out we spent the time shopping browsing Fopp and various video game shops, Paul and Pippa have bought a Nintendo game cube that seems to have become something of an obsession to Paul.

The plan for Saturday night was meant to be; watch the 'X-Factor'; and ';How do you solve a problem like Maria' TV shows then go out for some drinks. Paul made us a lovely Thai curry for dinner whilst Pippa and I watched TV. After the shows though we kind of acquiesced and started watching Twin Peaks. Pippa seemed to go suddenly withdrawn then got upset, I think homesickness perhaps, it got quiet dark so she went to bed, Paul and I watched Muse and a few other acts from the Reading / Leeds festival.

Next morning Pippa still seemed withdrawn she got angry at Paul because he was playing computer games and ignoring her. I felt terribly awkward I didn't know what to do or say. Fortunately, the promise of going home cheered her up.

I drove to Pippas house in London, it wasn't actually too bad to get too, the house was gorgeous. Pippa visibly cheered up on arriving home, she happily gave me a tour, I was very impressed.

Paul and I went to the pub for an early drink and chat. The plan was for Pippa and her friend Lenia to meet us there later. We drank chatted drank some more. Pippa and Lenia arrived and we went to another pub to play pool, though we never actually made is to a pool hall. On the way one of the girls needed a bathroom break so we stoped off at a bar, decided to have one drink then ended up staying there. Paul and I carried on drinking I suggested we stoop Paul agreed, then went and bought another round!

After a couple of rounds in the bar another of Pippa's friends, Katie and some lads joined us. One of whom seemed a cool guy the other I could quiet happily have beaten to a bloody pulp. Unfortunately, in my usual style I carried on drinking like a trooper too fast too much and without dinner a recipe for disaster I held it together until we went back to Pippa's at about 11 (I had been drinking since 5 with the first Leffe at Pippa's house). I was ok for a few minutes then I realised how much more drunk than everyone else I was. This was not good Paul had retired to bed too drunk to go on. I felt out of place not being great with new people when sober never mind when off my face I tried my best then bombed out.

I woke up this morning at 7am with my head pounding, mouth dry and foul tasting, stewing in a borrowed sleeping bag. Added to all this was a feeling of total embarrassment. I lay there for a couple of hours longer until Paul woke me. In complete contrast to Sunday morning Pippa was dancing round the house happy and light I felt like I wanted to die, forced down breakfast jumped in the car and drove to Leamington. Paul and I had a good chat in the car I felt much better on the road with the aircon cooling me down and breakfast soaking up the beer.

Back at Paul's we played enough Simpson's to complete a load more missions had dinner then I headed for home. All in all a great weekend, I need my own place, the freedom, and the ability to omit to tell people that I live with my parents would be wonderful.

My god what a genius film the weatherman, I have been watching it whilst typing out this post and chatting to Phil on msn. I can empathise so closely with Nicolas Cage's character, the feeling of not living up to my dad, of being a fuckup. Mind you I wish had his success. Haha I always want more!