Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Solar Installation Day 2

Today the builders removed my chimney, I don't have a fireplace and the chimney would have shaded the panels. According to the figures from Solar energy firm this would have resulted in an 8% drop in output. Given that is close to taking away one whole panel, and the cost of removing the chimney was not too high we decided to have the stack taken down.

The gear arrived today, filling my garage full of panels, an inverter, mounting points and a wattson energy monitor.

The panels are Sunpower E20/327. They are rated for 327 watts per panel, generating 3.27KW at peak performance across the 10 panels. They are highly rated panels both in terms of efficiency and in terms of longevity. Solar panels degrade over time, and Sunpower are supposed to have the lowest level of degradation at the end of the 25 year warranty they are rated to perform at 87% of the minimum peak. As this is a twenty year investment I thought it was better to pay a bit extra for the better warranty and long term performance.

10 Sunpower solar panels

Mounting and roof gear

Inverter and Monitor