Thursday, May 11, 2006

Two Films That Changed My Life

I was going to title this piece "the long slow death of my blog", but I dont want to kill it just yet. You might have noticed the number of posts has been steadily declining so some time, this is in part due to the fact ive been fairly busy but also with less feedback and less interesting to write about I feel that everything I have to say has been said elsewhere. I have also somewhat drifted apart from Lulu to a point where she is no longer an influence on making me want to write. Pity as I received lonely planet Shanghai travel guide this morning.

Tonight I watched two mega films both older the first was good will hunting somehow I never saw this when it came out I am a bit sad really its an excellent movie Robin Williams excels as a jaded psychologist and Matt Damon plays being a genius well. I think it spoke to me because I have some of the same attitudes as Damons character (not that I am a genius sadly) but I do always see plenty of obstacles which stop me from choosing certain paths in life.

The second film was the seventh seal a black and white Swedish film about death and faith, the whole film works on so many levels I dont want to discuss here. The whole film is a metaphor for the struggle between good and evil and between belief in god and the emptiness of doubt. Its an excellent film well worth a watch despite the foreign language and black and white.