Sunday, March 18, 2012

Real Human Being

Yesterday was St Patrick's day, the friendliest of patron saints. Seemingly co-opted by Guinness for the last few years Phil and I decided to join the fun. Starting in will slow at the Coach and Four we went to the Kings Arms, then finished in at the Bulls Head. Of the pub visited I would suggest that the Coach and Four did the best pint of Guinness. I was browsing the web this morning on my iPad and one of the sites I visited was behind a pay wall because the iPad accesses the mobile version. There appears to be a growing trend to charge uses for mobile versions of websites. I guess providers rely on the fact that people are used to paying their mobile bills. Certainly in most cases there is no technical reason that the mobile version would cost any more. Take Spotify for an example there is no real reason that the mobile version should cost more, yet it's firmly behind a pay wall. If tablets really star to take over it could mean that these pay walls are the rule rather than the exception. I guess we are walking into a future where everyone will have to pay for the sites we want to see. Talking of free stuff, I have just found a great sound of free legal ebooks. Librivox. The books narrated all all in the public domain. I have listened to are the scarlet pimpernel and the three musketeers. I find listening to audio books while walking is a good way to relax.