Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Yesterday was pretty damn annoying for me, bascially our new member of staff is one of the most negative and downright antisocial I have ever met, I have been finding it increasingly difficult to get on with him. Added to this he seems unwilling to help me learn anything which given I am meant to be a trainee makes my life very difficult coupled with the fact that my other collegue is increasingly busy so unable to help I have begun to feel more and more a useless.
To add insult to injury I asked for next monday off through the normal channels which was give an ok. Then about an hour later after I informed my client I received another email this time from the head of the company asking me not to take the day off and worse questioning why I would request time off when the company are planning a software rollout at another site, well the reason would be that NOBODY BOTHERED TO TELL ME given I am not a mind reader and wsnt CC'ed into any of the emails or told by Tony it was pretty difficult for me to know. Apparently Kevin didnt know either as he didnt bother to mention it in the reply he sent to me.

I was so pissed off by the close of business I went straight to the gym and did a two hour workout in order to get rid of some stress. This was a slight mistake as in my anger I tried to lift too much and nearly torn a musle in my shoulder. Oh well at least 45minutes on the cross trainer should have burned a few calories.

Later I went for a drink with Phil we have decided to go diving in Sharm El Shek for my birthday by which time hopefully I will have saved enough money for a holiday. Though I think I will need a diving refresher course beforehand.

Friday, August 26, 2005


Recently I have not seen so many people for one reason or another so it was good to meet upwith Ian last night, he has been away in Spain for the last couple of weeks, hwe was well Zanshin Mobile Bars seems to be growing which is a bonus for him. Apparently Dannys carpet shop is opening on Tuesday so I might go down and chck it out.
It was really nice to have a chat and catch up hopefully wont be so long until I see him next.
He was impressed by the increase in performance of my Saab now that Ive got the mass airflow sensor replaced, to be honest I am still enjoying the massivly improved acceleration :-D

Thursday, August 25, 2005

TV Output

Last night Bruce and I stayed in to watch the latest episodes of lost on channel 4 and E4 but being as Bruce had managed to aquire som hidef stuff we also tried out outputting video content from my laptop to my TV. After much messing about and annoyance we finally managed it, all I am going to say is intel graphics drivers leave a LOT to be desired.
Ive tried twice this wek to concentrate on doing the stats recording for the LAN but have so far failed in my efforts I must concentrate this weekend and not be sidetracked by other issues.
I spoke to Nikkie on Tuesday we were suppose to go out this week but to be honest with her moving and her lack of desire to see me I have pretty much given up now. Given as we were only seeing each other in the loosest sense I guess its no real loss.
I was looking at houses today to be honest I must finally admit defeat there is no way I can afford anything halfway decent on my own and its going to take years to save up a big enough deposit to make any sort of difference so have to hold off and try and save more. On which note I have increased my monthly payments into my saving account by 40% and so long as I am careful this month will pay off my credit cards in full. My overall debt level is still dropping and I am very much now a net saver rather than debitor which is great but Id like to keep to my new years resolution of being debt free (although than my studend loan but thats an entirly diferent matter).

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Meat + Death

This weekend was fairly good as it goes after having a relaxing night on Friday Saturday Martin myself and Bruce went to meet up with a fellow Slayradio listener Driller.
We had a few drink;s at various bars in Manchester and got the last bus home. I must better getting old or something I felt so tired by 10 I needed my bed. At least Bruce and Martin were in the same boat I blame being busy at work.
It was the first time I had caught a bus in ages; I must say although it was a bit slow taking a really long route £1.80 return is excellent value on the 157 Bullocks bus from Woodford to Manchester.
Sunday I went to the gym completing a rather hard session (for me anyway) 50 minutes on the treadmill I managed to cover about 6.5km. Eventually I want to try and build up to 10-15KM but that's going to take sometime. I also completed a full weights workout using the men's health trainer.
In order to undo all that good work at the gym I then went round to Martins with Bruce and Phil (Simon joined us later) for a BBQ so much meat was consumed it was a lovely sunny afternoon and all enjoyed ourselves.
Afterwards we had a mini lan bash killing each other for a couple of hours on Unreal 2004 and Quake 3, couldn't get Flatout to run :-( The idea of the evening had been to try and organise things for the next lan bash (terminal tournaments IV) but that somehow dropped by the wayside after a beer and food oh well hopefully we will sort it out before the next tournament.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


Lulu told me im lazy so I guess its time to write another post. To be honext not much has happened in the last week thats worth mentioning. I have been more tired than usual this week thanks to a hectic work schedual and me starting my own training plan thanks to the mens health online personal trainer. The trainer is pretty slick you put in details of when you ant to train and some information about yourself including weight height and it draws up a training program. You take the program to the gym work out record what you actually do then enter it on the pc and it adjusts your next workout accordingly pretty cool eh! Thanks the the program I went Monday, Wednesday and for a jog on Thursday. Ill be honest being ill and having time off has had a significant impact on my fitness im not as strong or fit as before. Hopefully I can quickly regain some strength.
I watched another episode of lost with Bruce on Wednesday and we did some more work on the server trying to get an xoops gallery progra working as usual it proved more difficult thanks to a lack of manuals and the almost sadistic method of getting things working.
I got work to buy my a copy of oxygen xml which is by the far the best xml editor ive ever used even if I didnt understand how the debugger worked without RTFMing.
Bought a couple of games this week which we might use for the lan Doom 3 and Warcraft 3 they were are both good might make good additions.
Today I need to go and find some blinds for my room my parents are going to help hopfully it wont end in arguments.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


I am in work early (7am) so whilst waiting for some programs to transfer though I would update my blog. I finally finished painting the walls and ceiling only got to paint the woodwith gloss and get myself a new wardrobe then I have finished with my room wahoo.
Went on slayradio last night was nice to chat albiet breifly with the guys.
Caught the first three episodes of the new big us tv hit lost its being show on channel four and E4 I must say for once it seems the hype is justified I really enjoyed it the characters actually have development and the story interesting. The only worring thing is the jurassic park subplot going on.
Bruce watched he show with me and we did (a little) work on his website
I feel tired this morning well actually I have been feeilng tired even since I started decorating my room and was ill a couple of weeks ago.
Nikkie sent me a funny star wars thingy

Monday, August 08, 2005


Arghhhhhhh why cant anything ever be simple, there is too much misunderstanding and problems. My car is still not fixed I had to stay late at work missed out on lunch and had an argument about it all with my parents.
At least I managed to go for a run (well jog, I am pretty unfit after not training for several weeks thanks to illness and decorating). Otherwise I am totally knackered and generally pissed off.
I also received saving statements for my ISA my legal and general index tracker is doing well should be a decent long term investment. Whereas my New Star technology fund lost money again even the glossy brochure didn't cheer me up if it was worth selling I would.
Had an early night.

Sunday, August 07, 2005


Finally today was the day to mve the Oscars into their new home, I moved the catfish first to give them a chance to get used to the tank first no it was time to move the oscars two. They struggled a lot drowning the stack of books next to the tank. After their intial shock at being moved they started exploring the new tank, swimming p and down and round the catfish seems fairly pleasedto see them Mike was swimming around the Ocars. Tiger is mostly quiet hiding out in the plants.
Did somemore paintning its starting to get me down there no matter how much I do there always seems to be loads left to do ho hum its looking fairly white now.
Went to the Unicorn with Nick and Becky tonight which was really good, except for Nick being on the defensive about money all the time. Becky isjust as lovely a ever I just wish one day I could meet somne that nice oh well.
Liz has been messaging me a lot she see seems very keen maybe a little too keen. Im still not sure how I feel about Nikie shes good to be with but also can be quite a handful and she is moving off to the Blackburn.

Terminal Tournaments III

After last night I was abit tired so found it dificult loading up the car to go to the lan.
Setup went well apart form one minor hitch with the gigabit card.
We played quake counte stike unal flatout ate pizza and had a few beers all without any major hitches which is a real achievement. I think we can tabl in another one possibly two games next time. From speaking to David (aka Cool Hand Luke) he enjoyed himself as did Bruces Friend Steven. I think its a rea triumph there ill be pictures going up on the website soon.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sandbox Live

I had the day off today but as there is no rest for the wicked was up early painting my room. Managed to get a coat on the ceiling, its looking a lot nicer now, on balance blue was a bad choice/
I bought a few more plants to brighten the tank up and a net from Wilmslow Garden centre (they have a really nice aquatics centre). I decided the new tank has bedded in now so I decided to move the catfish across. They seem to be quiet disturbed but soon started exploring their new home.

The afternoon was taken up with Bruce and myself doing some changes to the server in Manchester. It was a complete pain a lot of time sat around waiting for things to finish.

The evening though proved to be good fun, Martin, Phil and I met up with Paul, Ian Lisa, Faye and Danny to watch Sandbox at academy 3. It was a really good night sandbox were excellent and it was great to see Paul, Lisa, Ian and Faye. Danny was in a bad mood thanks to his relationship breakdown with Lyn. Whilst I feel for him I really think he needs to move on its far too up and down, does he really want to take on someone else child?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Amiga demos

Another fun day at work still working on early redemption figures how can everyone use the same equation and yet apply it in sightly different ways eh :-S

Oh well did a spot more painting only the area behind the fish tank and the ceiling to do now. Also had a bit of a tidy up cleaned my mums car it was filthy.

Getting close to being able to move the fish now I hope they survive the move. They should be a lot happier in the new tank at east I hope so given the effort I have gone to. I ordereda load of new filters from aquacare they seem pretty cheap Icould have save £20 buying my tank from them. Oh well stillsavedd over £200 from what my local store would have charged.

Went round to Martin ostensiblyly to chat about the lan wendeded up playing the old amiga demos for Martin O. I forgot just how funny fraxion wasand the old acid house demos scene.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Car Woes and nights in

Some people think that cars are a symbol of our freedoms personally I think they are a milestone around our necks. THey cost a fortune to buy run insure and maintain. There is constant pressure to get a newer greater model.
Since buying mny car over a year ago second hand I have had to get the brakes replaced have services and now a problem with the turbo sytem meant a £119 charge for a diagnostic and a replacement rubber hose (the hose itself is a £10 item) I also need to get a sensor (mass airflow sensor cost £240 :'( ) replaced before the cars performance returns to normal. Its so expensive not like I do the sort of mileage I used to either, I could ride my bike to work except I have to wear a suit and tie and there are no changing facilities or shower here.

In order to save some money to afford my car repairs and the money Ive spent on decorating I am going to have to spend a lot of nights in over the next two months. Tonight I rented a flim called hide and seek. Its a twisty turning psycholical thriller with a twist similar to the sixth sense. It was quiet enjoyable though had the usual crap Hollywood ending and I found it pretty predictable.

My parents are away are the Taunten Flower Show my dad took over my Wildflower software and sold it to them I dont think it works that well I always wanted to rewrite it ut never quiet foud the time. My dad just gives it away for free he isnt very good with money and seems to let people take advantage of him I dont want to end up like that.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Bad Day

Some days just don't seem to pan out no matter how hard one tries, unfortunately today was one of them.
On the face of it today should have been a fun and exciting one, the plan was to go to Huddersfield and visit Cybernet gaming to see if we could pick up any tips for the lan bash. So I set off picked up Martin and headed to Bergers, the problems started almost straight away; I recently upgraded to TomTom 5 from version 3 if you care contemplating this DON'T! Version 5 has crashed twice in the first time I used it and each time it crashed I had to reset my Palm T5 and each time I reset I had to re-authenticate the maps :-S this meant phoning my dad ad having to talk him through the website registration. This is just appalling anti piracy that punishes users it not acceptable to be honest I an emailing to complain its just awful.
Anyway I digress, we headed to Huddersfield and found the place easily which was thankful as I had no TomTom. Berger, Martin and Myself then had a half hour of Counter Strike Source before we were told that we had to get off the internet because they were playing a tournament. Cheers for that guys we had paid our money and you didn't bother to warn us. The whole setup was fairly amateurish ad we didn't really learn a lot except how not to do things.
Next we went for a Chinese then headed home, it was then when things started really getting bad on the way back my car played up it had reduced power and the warning light kept coming on so Ill have to get it checked out with will no doubt be expensive.
When I got home I realized my phone was missing gah I rung it no answer Cybernet hadn't got it neither :-S Must have dropped out of my pocket :'(
I managed to clean fuel and fix my passenge door (bolt needed tightening) before heading out to meet Liz at Ra!n Bar. It was an enjoyable enough evening though I felt tired and upset at my stupidity for losing my phone.
I dropped her off and had a nosy at her house it verynice not far at all from Bergers pad then got home just in time for m stomach to rebel from the Chinese food think its still a bit fragile from last week.
All in all I was happy to finally curl up in bed and for a terrible day to be over.