Monday, June 30, 2003


Ever since meeting Phil a common theme has appeared He Loves diving, not likes Phil LOVES diving, and as much as he loves diving he loves to talk about diving. So with he constant pestering and a desire to try it out properly... (I now own a dive watch!).

I took me open watercourse with Nam (the shop manager and top instructor). The skills you have to learn included The mask removal, which is not very nice. I hated it. I had to confirm I would to finish the day and make a decision on if I wanted to continue. After two more days of being PADIed with both Phil and Nam teaching. I finished my open water and being with the other open water student Travis.

The Saturday the day before we left. We had a heavy session on the beer we were ment to meet up with some of the dive people but they did not turn up and Phil only sent the message out that day. We met up with Michelle and Dee (Phils old flatmates). A good night of drinking was had. Sam did not meet up with us but we were in the same pub but it was a loud and we were at the bar.

The day we left surfers paradise we were still hung over and having to pack didn't make for a good morning. We headed to Noosa but only for 10 minutes until Steve rang and asked for his keys back doh! After the aborted start and a stop for gas we were on our way to Noosa. We have pictures of the beach at dusk very nice. It too us about an hour to find the hostel and when still recovering not to good.

We stayed at a nice hostel (Noosa backpackers resort), which they gave us a room to are self. I say a very attractive Scouse girl taught me how to play a card game called shithead, she was a grand master.

We travelled to Harvey Bay where we booked a trip to Fraser Island trip. We even managed to negotiate a  good discount on. It was the kingfisher trip. We chilled out on the beach and then though lets get a hostel. We looked in the travel bible again (Lonely Planet). We found a place that would give free breakfast and with haveing to get up early to go to Fraser island phil thought it as a good idea. This was a gem of a hostel only 6 people that night staying and the hospitaltiy was great but the room was freezing and they only gave us a thin sheet each. We played shithead with two dutch farmowners and a Swiss guy. He said Fraser was awesome and the weather was great. All in all we were starting to think we were going to have a excellent time on Fraiser Island. Phil even managed to get his 24 fix only one more episode left now.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Jet Lag Sun and Diving

I spent a week doing jack around Surfer Paradise. Phil's housemates would wake me up about 6 in the morning as they went out to work. I then spent the mornings on the internet trying to get used to the jet lag. The afternoons I spent wondering around Surfer what a barren wasteland nothing but endless seas of hotels and shops, you could be anywhere same. After a week of doing nothing (except fixing Steve's PC) I was really bored. Was this Australia? Get me back to the UK please. Fortunately Phil took the wise decision to leave work one week early. We took a day trip to one of the most beautiful places in Australia, Byron Bay. You can see from the photos what sort of place it is.

After visting Byron Bay and nights spent drinking with Phil, and Sam (Phil's New Zealander flat mate). We went to watch the Lewis fight, it was pretty weird the Aussies didn't want him to win, I enjoyed it even though it didn't go the distance. Walking to the pub we had passed a surf company, and having nothing better to do we decided to go surfing. You can check out more photos here. It was very fun and I would recommend the it. Pity about our knees though my tip don't get off in water too shallow. Sam was already a surfer so he took all the pictures, thanks mate!

Phil took me for my first dive on Monday. It was Phil's last day working at the dive shop. I didn't enjoy it that much because it felt very alien and clumsy in the gear. There was also a group of people that kept on bumping into me.

Thursday, June 19, 2003


I arrived in Coolangatta a bit confused I thought it was called the Goldcoast and the gate was changed perhaps I had boarded the wrong flight. Everything was alright though I was in the right place, and Phil met me at the baggage collection place. Another surreal but welcome experience. Only last week Bruce and myself were discussing how weird it was sitting having a bbq without him and now here I am 12000 miles from home standing next to him.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003


The Manics wrote in their song Australia "you fly for so long it hurts" and well it's pretty apt as after flying I really felt like death. Meeting up with Paul was surreal we missed each other at the airport and finally met at central station. Really good to see him again though even though I wasn't unto much after the flight I had a good evening though. It had been ages since I had last seen Paul so I was really suprised and grateful that he met me at the airport. It was great to see him again and to meet Lisa for the first time and I was really sorry that this was going to be such a breif meeting. Sydney was good although I was still a bit zombified, I will have a better look around when I arrive back there at the end of my tour.

Paul and Lisa

Paul and I

Paul and Lisa

Paul playing some tunes

Lisa looking lovely

Close up of Lisa

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Going Tommorrow

It's 12:40 and my flight leaves tomorrow morning I cant sleep. I'm wondering whether I'm doing the right thing. I am going to miss my graduation leaving behind everyone and going on an adventure.
I'm really worried about the flight, 21 hours sounds like hell to me. I'm scared about the first night alone in Sydney 15,000 miles from home. I must be made. Either my next journal will be very happy as I enjoy my adventure goes well or depressed alone in a foreign land.

Australia here I come!