Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Hardest Button to Button

Today was the first day back at work after the Christmas break. I felt terrible seem to have caught a cold from someone.

This evening I had no energy left just sat and stared at my computer, I attempted to help Bruce with some access. I am honestly amazed at how hard it can be to do something really simple in access. It seem to do decent you need to resort to hacking code as the tools struggle to offer even basic functions.

I did manage to find a neat solution to updating webalizer using xargs which was pretty useful. I created a file with all the domains in and ran the logresolve and webalizer programs for each using xargs. I think this is much better solution than the current file with an entry for each one.

There is still no sign of the switch we bought for the lan, I am doubtful we will receive it time for Saturday. Bruce thinks he might be able to borrow one if needs must.

I managed another day of not drinking alcohol there are 29 to go. Its been easy so far I don't much feel like drinking while I am ill. Just got to sort out the rest of my diet. I read an interesting piece on wired about improving cognitive ability through diet and sleep, on which note bed is calling.