Sunday, January 20, 2008

Racing rats

It has been a long day, I woke up early this morning because I had agreed to go to Yoga with Martina. I was a bit of a random experience, she invited me ages go to this special 3 hours session I got steadily more worried as the day approached.
I met Martina and her house mate at her house at 9.30. Her house mate is another German, though she is somewhat older than Martina. I think she fitted the group much better than either of us. There was a class of about 36 people, it was all girls expect for me and one other man.
Yoga actually turned out to be a lot of fun, but very hard work. The first section was stretches and poses, they really got a sweat on and stretched muscles I didn't know I enjoyed the stretches and exercises, I found the meditation and relaxation OK but a little boring. Either I am incapable of transcending the thoughtful mind or I just find it impossible to free myself from the corporal being. It was a very interesting experience though, I was a little sad when the class ended, I walked by with Martina to her place, then she started backing so I bailed.

I the evening I went out with Phil, Andy Gilmore, Emily and her friend K for a meal. We were going to order Chinese but Emily thought we should go out into the big bad world for a change. So we headed out to the Printworks. The Printworks complex is only 10 minutes walk away, unfortunately it was pouring down and as we choose pretty much the busiest time of day for eating. We wondered from place to place being told the wait was at least 30 minutes, not what 5 hungry people want to hear.
Eventually we decided Chiquito it had the shortest queue and a wonderful offer on buckets of Corona. The meal was really enjoyable I had Chicken skewers which were really tasty. Emily ordered something which arrived on a hot sizzling plate, it looked really tasty only she had to manoeuvre it around, unknown to her the oven glove affair had a hole in it so she ended up burning her thumb. She then had to eat the meal with her left hand (easy for me not so much for her). We did complain but all the response we got was a pot of sour cream which was claimed (and seemed to) be a good ointment for burns; Photos here.