Sunday, January 01, 2006

Ill on New Year :-(

I get ill quiet a lot I clearly my immune system is not my greatest asset that being said I wasn't really surprised to fall ill on new years eve. In fact I have been surprised I wasn't Ill earlier the number of people I have been around with colds and the flu recently.

My original plan had been to go to London with Paul. That fell through then the plan was to go down to Leamington Spa and spend New Years with Paul, unfortunately I felt too ill to drive and checked on the price of a train ticket which turned out to be £68 far too much to shell out for one ill night at Paul's given I can drive to Leamington and back on less than £40 of diesel.

Instead I spent New Years Eve 2005 at home after having a rather pleasant curry with my parents, watching TV and for the actual midnight moment I watched the fireworks. I have to admid any fireworks show after the millennium is always going to be a let let down, but it was an impressive sight. The whole sky lit up by thousands of fireworks pops and bangs continuously exploding all over the sky. Even the sentimental I sat outside for about 15 minutes watching it all, I guess its as close to a war zone sound effects track as I ever wish to get.

I did manage to get quiet drunk on Martin Christmas present of grolsh beer, and managed to text virtually everyone in my phone, an annoyingly small number of people replied. It was nice to hear from Bex even though it was only to tell me how happy and in love she was. Pleased as I am for her, its sometimes hard to hear other people are so happy when you are feeling sad. Given she was by far and away the nicest girl I met on internet dating I would prefer to be the one making her happy oh well she was out of my league anyway.