Saturday, September 09, 2006

Late nights and early mornings

I had to go in to work early this morning to implement a software upgrade, so I had quiet a conservative evening last night. It was still pretty fun though, started by collecting a very drunk Phil. He has gone out to Manchester to celbrate his last day of work, from now on he is self employed.
Next stop was Macclesfield to meet up with Ian Paul and Wooler, we met them in Weatherspoon, they were drunk already so Phil fitted in well. Everyone was in high spirits dispite the rather agressive people sat behind us whom seemed to be spoiling for a fight. Especially with there cheap and dangerous women flirting with some other guys who were there.
Next stop was Barracuda bar, this was a much nicer place though did they really need the airport style security and is they was the scanner work in line with the data protection act?
Barracuda is a South African style theme bar it was pretty modern and nice there were certaintly a lot of nice looking women. Ian exained the dancefloor and on his return accidently knocked over the pint of someone twice his size oops. Fortunatly he was nice enough not to make a fuss. Ian pulled the same trick demolishing someones pint when he went to the toliet as well oops.
We chatted and they drank some more I was sober so the jokes started wearing a little thin, I wish I had stayed this way last time I went out with him.
Unfortunatly I already felt tired so I left about 11.30 took Phil with me he was still very drunk dispite being on cola since I picked him up. I grabbed a relativly early night in order to get up at 6am and get into work in order to get a software release out before 9am. It actually went very well and I was finished a little after 10 (had a couple of hours of testing after the release).
This afternoon I am off to the other server to grab a full backup.