Monday, August 01, 2005

Bad Day

Some days just don't seem to pan out no matter how hard one tries, unfortunately today was one of them.
On the face of it today should have been a fun and exciting one, the plan was to go to Huddersfield and visit Cybernet gaming to see if we could pick up any tips for the lan bash. So I set off picked up Martin and headed to Bergers, the problems started almost straight away; I recently upgraded to TomTom 5 from version 3 if you care contemplating this DON'T! Version 5 has crashed twice in the first time I used it and each time it crashed I had to reset my Palm T5 and each time I reset I had to re-authenticate the maps :-S this meant phoning my dad ad having to talk him through the website registration. This is just appalling anti piracy that punishes users it not acceptable to be honest I an emailing to complain its just awful.
Anyway I digress, we headed to Huddersfield and found the place easily which was thankful as I had no TomTom. Berger, Martin and Myself then had a half hour of Counter Strike Source before we were told that we had to get off the internet because they were playing a tournament. Cheers for that guys we had paid our money and you didn't bother to warn us. The whole setup was fairly amateurish ad we didn't really learn a lot except how not to do things.
Next we went for a Chinese then headed home, it was then when things started really getting bad on the way back my car played up it had reduced power and the warning light kept coming on so Ill have to get it checked out with will no doubt be expensive.
When I got home I realized my phone was missing gah I rung it no answer Cybernet hadn't got it neither :-S Must have dropped out of my pocket :'(
I managed to clean fuel and fix my passenge door (bolt needed tightening) before heading out to meet Liz at Ra!n Bar. It was an enjoyable enough evening though I felt tired and upset at my stupidity for losing my phone.
I dropped her off and had a nosy at her house it verynice not far at all from Bergers pad then got home just in time for m stomach to rebel from the Chinese food think its still a bit fragile from last week.
All in all I was happy to finally curl up in bed and for a terrible day to be over.