Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Fraser Island (day 2)

We woke feeling the shots from the night before. It was also raining, during the night most of us (not Phil though he can sleep through anything) had been woken up by a thunderstorm, a big one at that. Who expect rain in the tropical rainforest :-S Phil woke up none the wiser and after drinking nearly a litre of water was ready to face the day. A cup of char later and sitting down to the all you can eat breakfast. Which everybody did we had to make up our lunch only one sandwich no good at all.

The first stop of the day was the coloured sands, caused by metal elements leeching through the rock they are an impressive sight. To Aboriginal women this was a sacred site.

Advancing next to the onto champagne pools but not with out seeing a dingo on the beach. (This beach is amazing it has a100kms speed limit, runway for many light aircraft and a kids play ground all in one). The champagne pools did not look as inviting as some of the other thing we had seen just because it was cloudy. But we both went in and it was lovely. We had small fish swimming around us and the waves making bubbles as they splashed over the rocks. The champagne pools are the only safe place to swim in the sea, strong currents sea snakes, stingers and sharks making the sea around Fraser a dangerous place.

Next stop was Indian point. A rocky outcrop. Indian point is so called as Captain Cook sailed past there were many aborigonies on the top, Cook called them Indians. To get to the top of Indian point required us to climb up a few rocks but no worries. The point is a great look out and the views were spectacular, you could see miles out across the Ocean. On a good day they say you can see whales and sharks, unfortunatly for us we didnt get to see any, except for a Ray. Sharon lost her sun glasses off the top of the point. Dave showed us some of the photos of his 10 years on Fraser. One of a brozer whaler shark (a nasty shark) of 3 meters in length near the beach. After seeing that the pics none of the group went in the sea. We had are only sandwich on the lookout and then all piled backon the bus. We both fell asleep on journey to the Mahino wreck. Phil in that time had lost his sunglasses and went really under about it. Little did he know one of the out people had kindly picked them up and did not tell him because they had gone on a plane ride to see Fraser from the air. The wreck was stunning sticking half way into the sand. It was let down by the overcast conditions.

We went down the beach again, this time to a place called Eli Creek. It's one of the many creeks over the island that let the fresh water in to the sea. After a quick toilet trip and if you suffered from arachnophobia then you would have held on. We all went down the creek apart from a few that thought it might be too cold. I got a lovely picture of Paula floating down the creek. We both floated down the creek twice. Being carried downstream by the cool and clear water was a very enjoyable feeling, definitely better than anything wet and wild cold offer. On the trip home Dave entertained us with the dingo rap I wish I could remember it but it was very funny - if anyone has the lyrics please email me and I'll post them. (Dave had a thing about dingoes eating babies).

The bus stopped at the shop so we could buy some liquid refreshment to go and watch the sunset. Before we all sat down to watch it there was another surprise a dingo on the beach. Some of us split off to get photos but we need not have done that because it went closer to the ones that did not follow it. The sunset was stunning to see over the mainland, it happened so quickly the sun disappearing over the sea leaving only dusk remaining. Phil being arty (Or trying to be) got a picture of the group facing the sunset. I have to say I have not watched many sunset but we both agreed this was stunning. A small hike back to resort up a very big hill and then to another game of shithead with a few beers. Another way to wait for the showers again.

We all went to dinner and tonight's entertainment was the karaoke. I have always thought that karaoke was invented by evil genious who likes to watch groups of people humiliate themselves. Everybody wanted to do it but we to afraid to put there had up to admit liking it. After a Tubby Japanese Ricky Martin (Who should have won). It was are turn and I have admit a very good rendition of Queens Bohemian Rhapsody. The line up was Bart, Phil, John, Mark and Paula. I do not know who was Freddie but that will be shown when (Or if Mark sends us a Pic of us doing it).