Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Feeling so real

Apple announced the iPhone today, see also BBC report. It looks amazing so much rolled into a rather svelte package, though I would love to know more about the technical spec's and 5 hours seems a pretty short battery duration. I guess I will have to wait a fair few months before they hit these shores. I have reservations about how revolutionary the device is Jobs made out it was a new paradigm in computing to me it looks like a rather good looking and snazzy smart phone. The stock market seems to have responded well the share were up 8% on the news, it rather shows how crazy the markets can be weighing into an already expensive company on the back of a product announcement, no product no sales as yet.

I was back at Japanese class tonight, it was a real struggle after the three week Christmas break. We did our first lesson on Hirigana the Japanese alphabet used for Japanese things, I found it very hard going especially as now the text is read top to bottom and from right to left! Our first exercise was copying out the major 46 characters, in Japanese writing its important how the characters are formed we need to learn the strokes. Its a little like being back in primary school endlessly copying out the Latin alphabet. I feel like I know a little now but at the current rate of progress its going ot be a long time before I am even at primary school level never mind conversational, at least its interesting learning.

I have even been talking to Ian about going for a trip there, we spent a day travelling back from Australia and promised we would go back. No Faye is off the scene and Zanshin seems to be doing well perhaps later in the year we could go see Tokyo, Osaka. Here is hoping.

If you have made it this far in my blog perhaps stop now what follows is somewhat of a rant I almost did not post it all, and I might decide to delete it later. However for now I am vexed so here goes.

Several things today made me realise I am a crap capitalist. For example I give money to charity, I find it hard to collect money that's owed to me, and I actually pay for things when I could have them for free. Well the last one is more about morality than about capitalism, I suppose I should try and externalise as much of the cost as possible.

Most people do not want to pay for software, myself included. I mean who can afford to pay £400 for MS Office? The majority of home users do not, they pirate it, even in the face of excellent alternatives like open office or neo office for mac. Regardless now I am a software developer I feel sorry for the small software developers. Especially the lone gunmen who basically have usually on product and are at the whims of customers who don't want to pay. Today my friend asked me if I could get something for free which would cost him $20, elaborating it turned out this would save him hundreds of pounds. It kind of pissed me off to be honest, surly the saving justifies the cost rather than stealing?


I saw a pretty interesting site this evening, basically its a film marketed through the medium of myspace and the internet. It looked pretty cool (well at least the website / video podcasts I watched). Basically they made an indie film made in the style which blends the reality of the their relationship and art/life. The film examine the relationship between a couple just starting out. I was pretty impressed with the creativity even if they are a little self absorbed. Sorry my explanation is awful but I am feeling pretty tired check out the website below to make you own mind up.

Click here to see more episodes!

I tried to get on top of things at work today but unfortunately the harder I tried the further from the actual prize I seem to be. I am still feeling really tired and worn down by whatever bug I caught last week. Tomorrow is a long day as i have the first Japanese class of the new year, I have neglected practise over the Christmas break so its going to be a bit of a rude awakening I think.

I filled out my Chinese visa form tonight I just need to get Lulu real address or find a tourist company which will sponsor it. Should not be too much of a problem I hope. I went to one of those photo me places at lunch time it made a real criminal photograph of me, hope it will not count against my application.