Thursday, April 05, 2007


Just saw this blog of some of the worlds most dangerous roads. Kind of make you realise driving in the UK isn't so bad at all.

Everything changes but you (26 days to go)

Many people say the life is a circle hat goes around comes around. Today was a very strange day, it started with a useless argument with my dad, we just have different ideas about life.

Aside from work to weird conversations had a big impact on my perspective. This first was an ad that dropped through the door for a cleaning company, normally this would go straight into the bin until I saw who the person behind the company was. A real blast from the past Laura Fairhurst has started her own cleaning business. I really wanted to call her say hello but somehow I have no idea what to say so I wimped out and did nothing.

The second revelation was from an ex work colleague, he is getting married on the 12Th May to another girl I used to work with. They were both my friends and I am really happy for them. He is going to Berlin for his stag do with yet some more faces from the past. While I am very happy for them there moving on with things highlights my inactivity, plus I didn't get an invite, so now I feel depressed.

Those two events highlighted a feature of my lifestyle, both Laura and Greg, Becky Jon and Collin were at a time people who featured prominently in my life but for various reason we became disconnected and no longer communicate. I could argue about whose fault it is though it is irrelevant. The lesson is without work on both sides even good friendship's can disappear during the natural course of life.