Thursday, March 20, 2008

Remember me

I know, I have been terrible recently never posting blogs, I have several half written pieces that for one reason or another are waiting on completion.
In fairness to myself I have been very busy with work and various other things, perhaps I will get around to writing it up one day.
Today was quiet a good day really, work wasn't too horrible and I met Sarah for lunch at the rectory. We had a few drinks and both tried to shake off work stresses. I really enjoyed taking time out to just sit and talk about life the universe and everything. During lunch we also arranged to hook up with Jo, Holly and others on Saturday night for a curry.
I had a couple of drinks with lunch and I felt very relaxed and in control back at work, and in the afternoon I managed to get through a few little issues pretty well.
This evening was Emily's birthday and a Sandbox gig at the Night and Day Cafe in Town. Ian drove down and we picked up Danny on route. I hadn't seen him for a while so it was pretty good to catch up.
We arrived in time to hear the second Sandbox song, they sounded really good except Andy's bass drum was trying to make a great escape. He was getting pretty vexed by it, at one point lobbing his drum sticks away in disgust.
I caught up with Emily she seemed to be having a fun birthday, and K was also in a very good mood.
I must admit at first I found it hard to be communicative, I was feeling really tired and a little depressed from work but after a few beers I warmed to conversation. I had a long chat with K about her dissertation, she is writing about surveillance it all sounded very interesting.
Ian was showing us his dance moves, from the quirky "feeding the chickens" to the downright outrageous "sprinkler" we were very amused at his techniques.