Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ready for the Floor

It's been a strange kind of week, I have worked really hard putting in early mornings and late nights to get a project finished. It taught me a valuable lesson, despite my best efforts rather than praise for hard work and a job done, there was simply more work and harsh words for not "being positive" and completing everything (an impossible task).
It made me feel rather demotivated today, if I try hard and its not enough what the point really?

Another blow came from an unexpected quarter. I usually stay in the office or go home or eat with my parents which is nice but very typical, thought sometime it can be painful. I had planned another lunchtime getaway with Sarah. The last few meetings have been a a lovely and interesting change. It has been nice to get out and spend time with somebody interesting and different. Unfortunately today she had a migraine, and so went home, I really hope she feel better soon.

Tonight I planned to go to the gym but I felt tired, and instead ended up at Nicks house. I ordered a new computer for him last week and it was sat in its boxes in his entrance hall. It took a couple of hours to sort out, transferring the data from his old computer.

We drank cans of Carling as I fiddled with settings and watched progress bars. It was an interesting evening I think we got closer than we have been for a long time. I felt pretty shut out during the whole Brie period, perhaps because I had my doubts from the get go (about the speed things moved, I only ever met her twice, and always in group setting so I cannot pass comment).

Nick's internet connection isn't in place yet so I was limited in the scope of what I could practically do. Beyond setting up and transferring data I managed to get rid of a lot of the junk programs installed by default. When I finished we went to the Thieves Neck, it felt like the old days having a Tete-A-Tete about relationships past and present (and future). I really missed his company, it strange how hard it is to identify things until they are gone.