Monday, April 22, 2024

TCS London marathon 2024 Medal Engraving

My watch warning me I was tired!
This morning I felt very sore but manage to drag myself out of bed early so that I could go and get my medal engraved at the New Balance store on Oxford road. The escalator at St Pauls didn't work going down so I had to make a painful and slow decent my quads were really hell! I made it to join the queue just after 9. I met a couple of ladies from Chicago in the queue. They were telling me that London was better than Chicago marathon in terms of the support. We were all handed a free New Balance branded water bottle while we queued, it took around an hour but the actual engraving was super quick.

Thom and Kath checked out after me and we met up at a coffee shop afterwards (they even brought me a coffee while I was waiting in line). Then it was off back home on the train.