Thursday, November 23, 2006

New keyboard

There was a delivery waiting for me when I got home, unfortunately nothing really exciting. I bought myself a new keyboard. My Microsoft natural has finally come to the end of its life many of the keys are sticky including the space bar. So I have upgraded to the modern version the natural ergonomic keyboard. It was £14,99 from Savastore.

The keyboard is black and a lot more fancy than the original natural it has extra media keys a padded wrist area. The only media key I might conceivably use are internet and calculator but I guess they are nice features to have.
The most striking feature is the raised natural it sits about an inch in the air with a huge curtain under the keyboard elevating it from the desk. The keyboard is very tactile and responsive with the naturals distinctive split center, the keys are shaped wider in the center and do feel well positioned though its going to take a bit of getting used to. I am tempted to bye another for work its an excellent bargain for the money so long as you can deal with the naturals layout a lot of people hate it.


Someone tried to hack my photo gallery last night by creating a user account and uploading a tainted php file embedded in a rar archive. I looked up the details on coppermines website.
They seemed to spend a long time crafting this attack though I dont think it worked due to my using the latest version of Coppermine. I checked in a few other areas also and found nothing so I think no damage was done however as a precaution I have disabled new user registrations.

Details below

Referring Link by Coppermine Photo Gallery register.php .info&hl=ar&lr=&start=30&sa=N
Host Name
IP Address
Country Monaco
Region Monaco
City Monte-carlo
ISP Provider
Returning Visits 0
Visit Length 1 hour 33 mins 38 secs
Browser MSIE 6.0
Operating System Windows XP
Resolution 800x600
Javascript Enabled