Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Cymbol Rush

Managed to listen to the upcomming Thom York album its sounding very good, especially Black Swan, Atoms for Peace, the man is a musical genius I can't wait for the released version.

So what have I been upto, last night Phil and I went to the John Millington for a few beers we both had super hard days at work (though his was worse than mine) we talked about how crap work can be and did the usual setting of the world to rights. Nick and Becky came down for last orders, Nick looked tired and didnt really say too much, Becky was on good form though it seems at some point Phil and I passed a threshold with her and now we aren't outsiders anymore which is pretty cool. Its quiet a dichotomy really over time I have got closer to Becky someone whom at first I felt was a bit aloof, whereas with Ians brother I started off seemling on great terms with his girlfriend but now I dont see them anymore.

I am looking forward to weekend should be a good one Paul is playing on Saturday night and its the Foo Fighters on Sunday I cant wait :-)

I went to the gym tonight for the second time this week, I now weight 13st10lb which ironically is exactly the same as I weighed way back when I was in 4th year Bramhall High, four years ago at 21 I was at the peak of unfitness and I weighed 16st and wore size 40in waist trousers. Tonight my size 36 jeans are looking fairly baggy hopfully another few pounds shed and I can fit into 34 fingers crossed.

I finished book two of the Dark Tower so far so good it was an enjoyable and addictve read I have the 3-6 on order from Amazon, Ill update you when I get through them.