Thursday, July 26, 2007

In the sun

I went to the pub this evening and we were chatting that sort of drunken chat that idles away the time in between slurps of beer. It was nice to relax after a hard few days / weeks at work.
I tried out the weird argument someone made to me at work. Basically if you wave power you are creating resistance on the oceans. The ocean currents are mainly created by the movement of the moon, so as every reaction has an opposite dost adding wave resistance affect the moon? I think logically it should but in a really insignicicant way, just like dense mountains slightly bend time slightly (as described in Einstiens theory of speical relativity) but not so as you can notice despite their immense size.
I left work late and chickened out of the gym only been twice this week and both for cardio no weights yet, I am finding it hard to get back into a routine.
I have been thinking really hard to find some new exciting things to try, its really hard to find much wiht the weather being so bad though. This has got to be the worst summer I can remember.