Monday, April 09, 2007

A walk in the country / 21 Days to Go


Higher PoyntonToday Bruce, Phil and Myself decided to go for a walk in the country. The weather has been excellent this weekend so we ignored the slightly grey sky's and headed to higher Poynton intending to head upto Lyme Park and back. We got about 1/3 of the way got lost wondered in big circle and then the rain came. Fortunately it was only a little drizzle. We did get to see some nice things, going along the canal was a nice touch and it was certainly different.
After the walk we treated ourselves to a pub lunch at the Vernon arms. It was pretty standard pub grub but I had worked up an appetite and wolfed it :)

It was good to do something different with my day, recently I feel like everything is so prescribed, I have a routine and nothing really changes it.


I had an argument with someone this evening, I was in a bad mood to start with but I hardly needed someone telling me the same old things. Get a new job John, change your life John. Yeah great I hadn't thought about that! I am aware that I am idling my time away and I could do more the trouble is there is so much I could / should do I find it almost impossible to do anything. I spent the other night trying to get my CV jazzed up, I haven't even heard back from anything I applied for recently a bad sign indeed. It is hardly surprising though I have been stuck in two jobs where no training has been given despite the fact my job title is trainee.

Lots of people tell me I should buy a house move out, but the thing is I struggle to think of anybody I know who managed to buy a place off their own back. They all had input from the family either through loans or inheritance non of which are going to come my way. During the time I have been employed since 2004 prices have gone up faster than I can put money in the bank, 6-7% per annum, compared to 5% on my savings.


I haven't got a clear idea of what to do, everyone has their own advice and arguments, some compelling, some dreadful but almost all different. I know I need to decide for myself but I am frankly bewildered and unable to choose. Do I go all out start a new career, stick with what I have? Get a house move out rent, forget everything and go travelling. Or just carry on? I'm not happy now, the trouble is I find it difficult to remember what makes me happy. Being with my friends is great but recently I feel detached from them. I enjoy the gym, but I doubt I would like to be a fitness coach. I guess everything has problems, costs and benefits, only the right choices yield rewards. Well I am confused and tired I'll do what I am best at, ignore it for now.