Saturday, March 31, 2007


I decided I would do something usful today, so I replaced the converter on one of the lights, mowed the lawns and helped my dad to replace some floorboards. It was rewarding it a little frustrating seems like there are just so many jobs that need doing it is impossible to get on top of them.

My parents got a take away curry as a reward for ou efforts, tested out the Bahrinda in Cheadle Hulme. It was pretty tasty maybe not quiet as nice as the La Qualia but a but cheaper.

Phil and I headed out for a beer, we made it as far as the unicorn though the atmosphere was not great there and I still felt full after eating. I also fel pretty tired and Phil has Akido in the morning so we ended up being boring came back to my house and watched cars. It was fun film, not as good as the previous pixar films but worth watchign for sure.

Stop it your killing me

This evening was a bust. I left work late, after a day of rather difficult testing. After only a week and a half away from the gym I found it incredibly hard to do 60 minute on the treadmill I had to slow down twice to get my breath. Not a great state of affairs, it's annoying how much effort and time is required to build up fitness. Yet it requires no effort and hardly any time to lose that level of fitness.

After all this I was running late to meet Jo Berger for a drink. He is in the process of setting up a Friday night drinking session. I elected to drive as I was running late and met up with Jo, Tom and Ben in the Rampant Lion. I just about had time for one drink, then it was off to Fallowfield. Phil rang and there were all sorts of telecommunications problems, no idea why bt I could hardly get a signal anywhere in Fallowfield. Rather than drink in Fallowfield the plans switched it was off to a house party.

At this point after being cut up I wasn't able to follow Joe. I decided really I needed relaxation whereas this palaver was making me annoyed very quickly. The party was in fact an Ann Summers after party. My now foul mood coupled with my inability to drink because I had to drive meant the prospect of dealing with a group of drunken women was horrifying rather than exciting.

Instead I met up with Phil at my place, we chatted about the week and watched Requiem for a Dream, as Phil revealed he had never seen. It&£39;s a very dark film about the perils of various forms of addiction. I love the cinematography and soundtrack, the modern classical music has been used on so many other films.