Sunday, August 17, 2008

Look Out Sunshine!

It has been a long long weekend I feel like a lot has happened. On Friday I set off for work got to the end of my road only for my car to cut out. I called my dad got a lift to work and he called the AA for me. The AA man found something quiet worrying. When the mechanic started to investigate he found an access panel had been cut to gain access to a relay (which was stuck causing the problem.

After work I headed out for a drink with Nick, Phil and Bruce at the unicorn. I felt pretty tired but it was an enjoyable evening.

Saturday I spent most of the day stripping paper off the wall of my house. It was woodchip, hard to remove and when it did come off was really sharp. My hands are covered in little nicks, war wounds from paper stripping. I started to become a little overawed with the whole job. I have spent quiet a bit of time there now and thought things are progressing there is an awful lot to do yet.