Friday, January 15, 2010


Since starting the new year work has been crazy. I feel like I just spend my life fighting fires, figuratively speaking. I feel like I am lost at sea most of the time, no matter how hard I work there is always something else, some shifting priority or new task, I just feel tired and de motivated. Due a general lack of foresight I ended up having to work well into the evening several night this week which was especially annoying tonight as I had arranged to meet up with Ian, Paul and Dan for a quiet drink.

I did manage to get out of the house on time just to pick up Ian and Paul just after 9. After wishing each other a happy new year we crawled through the ice to Bramhall where Dan was waiting.

We had a sit and a chat, Dan was telling us about his new romantic interest. Paul told me an interesting story along the 7 degrees of separation scenario. The previous boy friend to my ex girlfriend Jenny, was Robert Bud. He also used to go out with Paul's sister and is now married to the first girl Ian kissed (which ironically was in Paul's house about the same time he would have been going out with Louise!

We also got to talking about holidays and raised the potential for a boys excursion to Amsterdam. Sounds like fun, just no Pedalo adventures after Ian's experience I would give that one a miss.

Dan was in a very boisterous mood pleased about his new relationship, upcoming kitchen installation, and impending bonus. It did feel a little like his exuberance was spilling into arrogance though, and I don't think Paul was impressed with the number of digs he made at him, I do think sometimes he goes too far, I was really getting worried when he broke into a rant about the life Paul is lead. I think that he doesn't realise how angry Paul was getting, empathy is not one of his strong points.

Overall it was a nice evening, I enjoy their company and our meet ups seem to be fewer and farther between. Fortunately tomorrow we are going to Manchester, Gyspys Playground at playing at the Desperately seeking Alex event so I'll watch that then go for a few drinks.