Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Violent Cop

Phil told me some interesting news last night. He is planning to go to Japan for a year, apparently he can get a working holiday Visa there. I am really Jealous if he is, Japan is an amazing place I would love to spend more time there. I am not sure if I could work there though, the super long hours would really put a drain on me. On a plus note I really want to go again and if Phil's over there is would be a great reason to visit.

I met Sarah again for lunch today we arranged to meet up for the Cine gig tomorrow. She said something pretty interesting we were talking about some of the people I know and she said "they are like characters in a book". I suppose I never thought about it before but while my blog is a diary for me it is a story to other people. It is always interesting for me to learn other points of view.


I made it through another Monday. It was actually a pretty good day for a Monday. I managed to fix a problem that has been taxing me for some time. Unfortunately in the current times of downsizing and credit crunching moral is pretty low. The office was like a ghost town today after the recent crop of staff leaving.

I was very glad whenSarah sent me a message to see if I was free for lunch. I BLT and a chat in the Swan was just the job.

After work I headed to my house took out the horrible carpet in the master bedroom and changed a couple of the lights removing the 1960s pendants. For the moment in most rooms I am just putting up cheap and cheerful fittings Ill get nice lights int eh fullness of time.

I borrowed Phils laptop to do my accounts, while I was tapping away I we watched the family guy Jo B gave me. It was called Blue Harvest a take on Star Wars a New Hope. Apparently the Blue Harvest moniker was the code name George Lukas used when making Star Wars. It was a hilarious take on the film I especially liked the dirty old man as OB1 I laughed out loud several times.