Sunday, February 19, 2006

Upgrade / Downgrade

Some days things go bad not matter how hard you plan and work, today was a major upgrade in order to implement the new workflow system There were major changes to the schema, programs and data. This was also the first major upgrade to be project managed, there was a full implementation plan. We all came in at 7.30am to begin, the changes and get everything ticked off before 12noon so as the call centre could get back to work.
Initially it seemed to go ok, there were a few bugs with the workflow but these wee checked off then problems with speed started occuring, we tried many different way to fix this but it was too slow. Eventually we tracked the problem to a fault with replication to the sql databases. At 5pm we decided to restore the system to the origonal state which was done but the problems persisted. I stayed until 9.30pm with a short breka to go home and get some dinner but there were still faults. Tommorrow is going to be a killer day.