Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Begin to Hope

Regina's new album arrived this morning after me ordering it last Friday, I still haven't got the tickets I ordered months ago though and the concert is Saturday. Ill ring them tomorrow. Being to Hope is a great album I think possibly better than Soviet kitsch though perhaps time will change my mind.
I had a weird day spent mostly debugging code, it was very difficult thankfully one of my colleges took pity and helped me make a start.
Spoke to Emily this evening, I think she is so brave moving to away from everything she knows to further her dreams I think she has made a great choice and I wish her luck I hope I would have he courage to do the same given the opportunity. She thinks I am sensible, just like my boss Martin and Wing perhaps its time i went crazy.
Went out for a drink with Martin, Phil Bruce and Si at the rectory, it was a nice evening a few drinks some chat and catching up on goings on.
On a negative note Charlotte was in A&E after hurthing her leg I dont know the details yet.