Sunday, July 05, 2015

Distant Past

After enjoying watching the Vulcan last week we fancied some more. Fortunately for us Sunday was Manchester Airshow 2015. Kath and I headed to Manchester City airport at Barton for the show.

There was a park and ride scheme so we parked at the Trafford Centre and took the bus to the airport. We arrived just in time to catch the BAC Strikemaster.  The show was split into two parts, with 5 displays in each.

The Strikemaster couldn't use the grass airfield at Barton. It jetted around the sky.  Next up was the Pitts S1S Special flown by Lauren Richardson, she put on a fantastic display of acrobatics. Lauren was followed by Steve Caver in the Special 260.

Changing tack then the Huey helicopter made us feel like we were extras on M.A.S.H.  then the air total Gyrocopter proved that I still don't really understand how gyro copter fly. They do fly exceptionally well, putting on a great display.

Finally to end the first part of the show the Battle of Britain display of a spitfire and a hurricane. They were incredible still looking great and they put on a good show flying together in formation then breaking to put on individual displays.

In between the displays we decided to grab a bite to eat as it was 13:00. Unfortunately they facilities provided were somewhat in inadequate. It took us over 1 hour in the queue during which the weather changed from blazing sunshine to overcast. The queue were worse for the ladies toilets stretching back as far the eye could see. Overall the display was great but they really need some more people organising on the ground and more toilets and food stands otherwise people wont come back.

We watched the start of the second act while in the queue, the chinook was particularly impressive. A colleague informed me that unless its regularly tuned two rotors produce so much torque it rips them in two!

We had planned on staying until the death but after eating the heavens opened and the rain came down. We made our way to the bus back getting soaked. Good old Britain, sunburn and a soaking all in one day.