Friday, March 30, 2007


Phil sent me this from Google video, it gives a perspective on the mind boggling size of things in the universe.

With this, or upon this

Went to see 300 at the Printworks IMAX this evening, I have always particularly loved the story of the battle of Thermopylae, the idea of the heroic struggle the few against the many. It was interesting to see this take of it, it as the army of 300 Freemen Spartans versus the evil slave armies of the Persians. Of course it wasn't really as simple as this the Spartans had plenty of there own slaves the Helots, and the 300 were just the Spartan freeman there was probably more like 7000 solders. Even so it was incredibly brave to face the size of army that the Persians would have brought.

The scene where the 300 go off to battle made me laugh, no supplies only a shield sword spear loincloth and cloak on a march many miles from the capital :S I know they are hard but they do need to eat ;-) Overall I would give the film **** it was better than average a visually stunning and very modern take on the epic. I think I just found the politics and one sided nature a bit much, some people might dislike the amount of gore too.

I suppose the story is impressive because they were under no illusions that they had a chance of victory. They went out to the field out of honour, valour and in defence of their homes. We don't have to face such things the biggest challenges in my life are how to get a piece of code to compile or face a difficult co worker, so I am lucky. In a way though perhaps the lack of such grand gestures, the lack of battles to fight the sedentary nature of today's life is emasculating us?

Oh one final recommendation the IMAX is great the picture miles better and the sound was great, just don't sit near the front we were two rows back and at some points it was overwhelming the amount of visual input.