Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Tonight Danny and I went to see the Delays at the academy 3, it was a pretty damn good gig. The supporting act captain were ok a kind of electro pop ensamble they had a couple of pretty good tunes.
In a kind of post modern irony there was a delay in them coming on stage, whilst the most thorough sound check I have every watched was carried out, it didnt stop things messing up on the last song though.
The Delays were fab, his voice is simply mesmerising to listen to, they also did the best recovery from technical failure ive heard since a broken guitar forced Radiohead to played Creep at South Park. My particular favorites were the solo job on bedroom scene and Nearer than heaven. On was a great crowd thumping tine and Valentine was amwsome as well.

Danny was good company for a change he seems a little more mellow though he still never lets me get a word in edgeways :P Seems is back with Lyn or he? I couldnt really tell what was going on to be honest I guess he enjoys the complexity, he kept gong on how g4reat the "physical side" was, whilst pushing the revolting mental images out it made me kind of jelious. Well not jelious in the sense I want what he has but more worried that everyone is settled but not me.

Whilst enjoying the evening emensly one thing put me in a downer, standing in front of my was a pretty nice girl she kept leaning back into me, her hair in my face the sweet smell of her perfune was intoxicating, I really longed to reach forward and wrap my arms around her, but I couldnt even pluct up the courage to speak. I am not sure if it was in my head or not but I am fairly sure she was insterested given there was not eason for her to press up so close there was plenty of room. Another wasted opportunity maybe or did I prevent myself from getting mugged on display, I will never know the truth. Sometimes I live too much inside my head and not enough in the real world I just wish I could find the courage and works to comminicate and build relationships, Danny's lovelife is going well why I am alone?