Friday, August 17, 2007

Wii Mii

Just got back from a night of Wii at Andy and Emily's place. They have a rather trendy apartment in the abito building in the centre of Manchester. It is compact, yet feels deceptively spacious thanks to some clever design tricks. The ceiling is really high, there is plenty of cupboard space to hide clutter, full length windows open onto a large balcony overlooking (in their aspect) North East Manchester. There is a small balcony to sit out and enjoy the evening.

Phil and I had gone round to play some four player games on Andy's new Nintendo Wii console. I have to say it was great fun playing four player tennis, though we did have to dodge out of the way of Emily's wild swings ;) We also had a go of my favorite golf, though Emily hated it. Bowling was a great game, though Phil and I were soundly thrashed by Chief and Em.

I had a really fun evening and to be honest the Abito+ flat didnt seem cramped at all while we were flailing about. If it wasn't for the lack of parking and the fact the development would be difficult to commute to Wilmslow I would be sorely tempted. In fact the last couple of nights out in Manchester have made me seriously think about getting a apartment as a first step on the property ladder.