Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Living Room Update

The living room is progressing, all the old wood has been removed as has the debris and some of the new concrete has been laid.
The first picture is of Nick standing having a look its been the first time he has seen the job he was very interested if only for his own benifit :-)

Nick myself and Becs went for a drink in the Thieves neck tonight its was a pleasant if brief treat after an otherwise difficult day. Becs was very amused to find out that I had used internet dating in the past. I felt pretty embarrassed to be honest, oh well. Wonder how Phil is enjoying Japan, hope he is having a great time out there. I need a holiday to be honest wish I was out there in a way though I dont think I could stomach the ritual side. I have been thinking about going to see Lulu in China but I am worried about going to somewhere so far remove from my own culture on my own effectively. I know it stupid to be afraid of the unknown, I have been other far away places, but then I was always travelling with someone not on my own, hopefully I can gather the courage and organise things soon.

Today, I sort-out out my isa, used put in the last of this years allowance before the 4th of April, it was quiet hard putting £1000 away it could have bought me a 24-inch widescreen high definition widescreen monitor like Phil and Bruce have but then I also want to buy a house so I have to make choices buy electronics or save up a deposit.