Sunday, May 28, 2006

Lan gaming, late night chats and hangovers

Yesterday was terminal tournaments 9 the most popular so far with 16 people present, it went pretty well except for failures with steam. I really wonder why Valve make it so hard to run events off line it just seems like they went totally overboard piracy is a problem but must we all suffer? Had a few new people turn up which is great and generally I think people had a good time.

After the lan I went round to see Ian, Faye is on Holiday so we were able to have a good chat and a few drinks, Nick and Becky were there, she had been out drinking with Nikkie. Nikkie has split up from her long term boyfriend Neil so she and Becs had been drinking and setting the world to rights, I dont think I have ever seen Becky so drunk before. She was on form embarrasing Nick talkign aboutm marrage, and other things. I did take a rather sick pleasure in watching him squirm me bad!

We watched 3 kings together and drank chatting about Frahas birthday which Ina had done providing the bar for her but apparently a load of people started causing trouble so much so the party was stopped early, not a good scene for a memorable birthday. Once the film was over Nick took Becky to bed, and Ian and I stayed up chatting and drinking, we had all the beer than went onto Jonny Walker great stuff. I cant even remeber what we were sayng but by the time i set off home it was getting light.

Today I feel like ive been run over by a train my room is a top, my server imaking horrible noises think it need replacing more money sigh.