Thursday, November 25, 2010

Golden Platitudes

It is my birthday today and I have been greeted by lots of lovely Facebook messages. I guess with site like Facebook it is getting more simpler to remember when peoples birthdays are. Still it ways a pleasure to get lots of nice messages so thanks everyone!

Bit worried about Kath today she has some stomach bug, wish I could go and make her feel better.

I got really angry with work today, there are some problems and unfortunately I took it out on someone else which is always a bad idea. I will have to apologise next time I see them.

Currently fighting a weird issue with NHibernate, for some reason it refuses to save my IDictinoary child objects. It Saves other things correctly just not IDictionaries, very odd. I even bit the built and tried upgrading to a later version which caused a few breaking changes. At least through the magic of Spotify I have been able to listen to the Manics all day to take the edge off.

Kind of glad I didn't stay up for the start of the Ashes last night, like my colleague I gave up after Andrew Strauss was out after the third ball.