Thursday, February 16, 2006

Weight Loss?

Think I finally got the damn deferred product work done, I ended up having to back Mikes changes out and go back to my versions, they might not be the standard way however they appear to work for all circumstances whereas the A programs fails to work under all circumstances. Personally I think its the lender whos wrong but management just want the project finished so in this instance I just did, and hopfully the gamble paid off this time.

Went to the gym tongith for the usuall session actually saw Martin there he is all shook up about the rather tragic death of Charlottes mother. Its realy sad for them, but unfortunatly its the way of the universe its cruel and unfair, but hard as it was at least she died happy and peacfully at home surrounded by a loving family.

Anyway so as not to dwell on the negative for once, did a test tonight and looks like the gym is begining to pay off quiet apart from the increased fitness I was starting to worry I havent lost any weight, howevr today I proved I have lost some fat, did the hips to waist ratio and for the first time im under the 0.92 ratio which means you aint too bad hurrah and ya boo sucks to body mass index rubbish by which scale im obese, I know im carry a few extra kg's but I do not think I am that bad.

Run John Run

I finally caught up with the film Run Lola Run today. It's been one of those films that I have wanted to watch for ages, but for one reason or another haven't. Thanks to love film I finally have finally watched it. It pretty damn good too initially I started watching the English dub but it was so poor I switched back to German with subtitles. Essentially the film is about a girl whose world is turned upside down when a deal goes wrong, it plays the story out in several ways each time showing how minor changes in people actions actions cascade out into the world and cause very different outcomes.

It is a bit like the theory which states a the butterfly flapping wings and causes a hurricane. Its impossible to predict how and what minor changes cause chain reactions through complex systems like the weather or in the case of the film peoples lives.

I am not sure whether to stay with love film though. My major gripe is that they don't send out new films until you return both the old ones whereas the last club sent everything individually which I much preferred. Mind you they sent me a stream of dodgy disks so I'll stick with Love Film a bit longer.

Bruce popped over and we had a bash at the game server in preparation for the lanparty on Saturday. Think I finally got to the bottom of the slow logon in steam also with the help of manlug mailing list might even have sorted the bind problem we shall see on Saturday.