Friday, July 04, 2003

Airlie Beach Mission

Due to its size when you say you're going on a short drive in Australia you can mean upto 200km. So when I say we took a long trip from Hervey bay to Airlie beach I mean we did a LOT of driving. Departing from Hervey bay (9:30) after munching the free toast breaky, we set off on the highway for Airlie beach. I drove all morning reaching Rockhampton around (2:30). We ate lunch I bought a watch (the sales assistant gave us a discount I think she took a shine to Phil). Next we pulled into super cheap auto (4:30) to replace the faulty inverter, and now here is the thing about Australia the sales assistant took us on our word and replaced it without a receipt that would never happen in England.

It is Paul's birthday tomorrow so I bought him a card and then did something rather dumb, I walked into Australia post with the envelope and asked what do I need to send this to Sydney, with a rye smile the postmistress looked at me and said you need a stamp dear. Doh! Pretty obvious ask a silly question get a silly answer. Back on the road and by 5pm we were driving through some beautiful countryside the sun was setting over the mountains as we travelled through the scene was amazing, from sunset the watching the stars appear, certainly it made the KM's much more bearable.

Unfortunately for me this is also the day I found out I only got a 2:2 so it was very bittersweet. By the time we made it to Airlie beech I was feeling cru shed and tired Phil just tired, we couldn't find a hostel open which had vacancies and ended up paying $50 each to stay in a hotel. Needless to say we now have plenty of towels, and we defiantly know to book ahead in future.