Saturday, November 29, 2008

Come Alive

The house really started to "Come Alive" today. Nick has finished putting up the plaster board and even started to plaster once of the walls in the kitchen. Most of the channels in the living room have been filled and I have removed the last remnants of the old wallpaper. It started to feel like it could be a house rather than a building site. Thoughts which were only of how to wire and what to rip out next are starting to turn to thoughts around decoration and look and feel of the final design.

To add to the good feelings a man arrived this morning to do a quote for the kitchen. Amusingly given there are bare floors and so forth he arrived in a full suit and tie.
It transpired he was an older chap ex of the air-force. He seemed like a really nice chap, hopefully he will give me a good (read affordable) quote.
This evening I went for a curry at the Sangam III with Bruce and Phil. Only one week to go until Bruce's wedding he seemed surprisingly calm about it all. Have to see what the rehearsal on Wednesday brings.

We had a relativly early one, and I was pottering round my room when Jono arrived about 1pm. Elgan his cat was missing, when he told me it had only been a few hours, I decide it wasn't worth going out looking, I think he just wanted an excuse to go rooting around and get out. He offered to lend me his drill, apparently screw fix gave him a long one, long enough to fix get the wiring to my outside light done with.