Sunday, February 03, 2008

Country Death Song

I had an good Saturday. This morning I went for a walk round Style woods with Martina. It was a cold but clear day and if felt nice to be outside enjoying the air. We talked a lot about dogs, most of the people walking had dogs and she misses hers.

This afternoon I watched the Rugby, it the first England match of the 6 nations. It was on BBC HD so Phil and I went round to Bruce's to see it on his big telly. I nearly lost my mind in apoplectic rage as the England threw away a half time lead with stupid play. There is something missing from English sport some killer instinct that the Aussies or Kwis have, we make chances and throw them away, the Aussies go for the kill.

After the match we relaxed and dined on Costco lasagna.
Afterwards we ate doughnuts and watched No country for old men. Its a bit of a strange film it reminded me of a history of violence a little. The story is a fairly simple one a red neck finds a bag full of money after a drug deal goes wrong. He is then tracked by the Mexicans, sheriff and a psychotic killer. The sheriff character is played by Tommy Lee Jones, he does a great part disturbed by his advancing age and the violence surrounding the drug trade. I liked the movie but it was a little depressing and there was no real resolution at the end.