Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gone Are the Days

Today was a strange day, on the way into work I was collared by my boss. He looked tired and stressed, and he detailed how the credit crunch is affecting us. Basically we are suffering, and to emphasize the point the customer I work at has cut back the support days from 5 to 3. So from next week I will be going somewhere else (T.B.A.) Thursday Friday, scary stuff.
This uncertainty and the cost of the car has really put me off searching for a house, I am really worried it might be a really bad time to make the plunge.
This evening was surreal, I went to the gym then helped Phil work on his Webcasts. I actually only tried to help we failed to do what we wanted because there was an issue with remote access, its all too last minute.
That wasn't the surreal part though, the unreality came with a visit to the Thieves for a couple of drinks. Phil and I met Ian, Nick and Faye. It was the first time I have seen her for years thought strangely it felt like old times. Lot of talk about Japan, from my point of view and Phil's, including a strange but not unwelcome reminiscing about the first time I was there; on a stopover with with Ian, Faye and Danny, it seems like a lifetime ago now.